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About Katie

Katie and her family

Howdy! I live in Dallas, and I’m a mom to two boys, ages 6 and 4, and two girls, ages 2 and 2 months. I am also a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Child Passenger Safety Technician (a car seat safety geek).

Helping fellow parents navigate the often-difficult early years of childhood is a passion of mine. My husband and I thought we lucked out when our first son started sleeping well from birth. Then around 4 months of age, he started waking up more at night and we were at a loss. Compounded with his severe reflux and feeding issues, sleep was elusive.

After lots of desperate 3 am Googling and spending about $600 on products designed to “guarantee the baby sleeps” (spoiler alert: they didn’t help!), as well as reading multiple sleep books, I reached out to a sleep consultant who was recommended by a family member. The results were life-changing! My son started sleeping 11-12 hours a night with a predictable and regular nap schedule (even with his reflux). My husband was super skeptical about hiring a sleep consultant but now says it was the best money we ever spent. And our son’s sleep wasn’t the only thing that improved: so did our own sleep, our marriage, our work productivity, and our health.

With our second baby we worked with the consultant again and taught him independent sleep skills from birth so that by 14 weeks of age, he was also sleeping through the night. I so strongly believe in helping babies learn to sleep that I decided to become a sleep consultant myself. I often joke that I never would have had more than one child if my first hadn’t learned to sleep.

I trained for 250+ hours (months!) through the leading sleep consultant training program, the Family Sleep Institute. Believe it or not, some sleep consultant “certification” programs are just a few days long! FSI offers the most extensive education, with an emphasis on the research-backed science of sleep. Graduates of the program also complete continuing education classes to stay the most up-to-date in the field of sleep consultancy. Learn more about how I can help you teach your child to sleep.

As a CPST I also offer virtual and in-person car seat checks and education. I decided to get my certification after watching my son’s car seat tip over in the backseat as I drove around turns. I thought I had understood how to install it, but let’s be real: installing car seats properly can sometimes feel like rocket science!

And finally, I became a Certified Lactation Counselor after struggling to breastfeed my first son. I also wanted to be sure I could confidently help parents maintain a healthy breastfeeding relationship while sleep training.

I am thrilled to be able to help other families around the world and in Texas and the Dallas area with their parenting journey.


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