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Sound Machines: A Must for Great Sleep

Hatch Rest Sound Machine

Without a doubt, one tool every parent should have for their child is a sound machine capable of playing continuous white noise (or pink or brown noise). Read more about the differences in noise “colors”.

Sound machines are useful for many reasons. For our newborns, the sound mimics what they hear inside the womb. It’s not quiet in there, it’s actually pretty loud! Their constant soundtrack for 9 months is the whooshing of Mom’s blood, her breathing, and the sounds in her stomach. By providing a similar resonance, sound machines help calm newborns, an invaluable tool in those first fussy weeks.

One issue many families have is too much household noise disrupting their little ones’ sleep. A sound machine in the room can help mask these noises, and in cases where one machine isn’t enough, I recommend another one outside the child’s door.

There are many sound machines on the market, from basic fan-based ones to multi-function electronic models. My hands-down favorite is the Hatch Rest+.

It has a lot of different sound options (pick between white, pink, and brown!). But it is also a nightlight, an OK-to-wake clock, and a two-way monitor. It is programmable, can be remotely controlled through multiple caregivers’ phones through wi-fi, and has a backup battery.

As someone who lives in an area that sees a lot of power outages, the backup battery has been a lifesaver. No longer do my kids wake up at night if the power goes out, because, unlike other machines, the sound doesn’t turn off.

After moving my babies to their own rooms, I ended up buying a new one for myself! I must say, it works like a charm to block out the noise of the cat running around like crazy at 3 am. I’m all ears if anyone has any tips for sleep training a cat.

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