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Breastfeeding Mamas

I recently had the pleasure of being part of a photoshoot that featured breastfeeding mothers and babies of all ages. With 6 month old Helena in tow, I made the trek to a studio near Downtown Dallas. I had never met these other mothers, but we all were completely comfortable nursing in front of each other, discussing our babies, and helping one another with our outfits.

This photoshoot felt like a real honor for me because I’ve never made it this far with a nursing baby. Sure, Helena and I have our breastfeeding difficulties, but we are still going and my supply has been pretty stable.

The whole experience from start to finish was less than an hour long. Amazing, considering all the babies – but something about being snuggled in and latched to mama makes for a calm baby. For the 5 minutes it took to get the shots, the room was fairly quiet! Some of us also chose to get some individual shots with our babes, and I’m so happy with how mine turned out.

It was organized by an admin for a Facebook group I’m a part of, called Breastfeeding USA Support Group – North Dallas Area. They have many local groups, so see if one is in your area! The admin is actually a local IBCLC named Alyssa Peri, and she has some great social media with helpful tips for moms. IBCLCs are the Crème de la crème of lactation support, and worth their weight in gold. The photographer was Whitney Williams with East Layne Births – and she’s also a doula! I feel woefully undereducated when it comes to doulas but the more I learn, the more I wish I had used one with my three babies. A postpartum doula in those crucial early weeks would have been a godsend.

I’ve never felt more supported and more powerful than when surrounded by these other amazing strong mamas, and I will treasure these photos forever.

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